Friday, October 12, 2012

San Antonio Talons Unveil New Logo

The San Antonio Talons unveiled a new look for the franchise today. The new logo is more closely tied with Texas and signals a new direction for the franchise in San Antonio as they start their second season.
"We wanted something that would reflect our Texas roots," said Keith Recine, Executive Vice President for the Talons. "We wanted to move forward as a franchise and give this team an identity that truly tied us to our fans in Texas. We felt that the switch to a new logo, that is reflective of our community, is an important step as we seek to strengthen the connection between the Talons and our fans and corporate partners."
Talons owner David Lynd is also excited about the direction the 2013 team is headed. He stated that one of the goals for 2013 is to give the Talons a new identity that reflects their new home and new fans.
"It was important to do away with all of the Talons look and feel that was representative of Tulsa and make this team a Texas team," Lynd said. "We feel like the new logo does exactly that."

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