Thursday, May 24, 2012


In the wake of recent public comments, laced with blistering rhetoric coupled with an unapologetic rebuke of the Lingerie Football League by Kate Lundy, Australia’s Federal Minister for Sport, LFL Founder & Chairman Mitchell S. Mortaza today has released an official statement on the matter.
From the desk of Mitchell S. Mortaza:
“In response to the Federal Minster for Sport Kate Lundy’s recent irresponsible comments in relation to the upcoming June 2 and June 9 Lingerie Football League All-Star Games Tour in Brisbane and Sydney, respectively, we are incredibly disappointed. LFL Football has been broadcast on Fuel TV since 2009 throughout Australia with incredible fanfare and excitement.
It was only the consistent persistence of Aussies wanting to see an LFL game LIVE that convinced us to move forward with the upcoming All-Star Game Tour.
With all due respect, as a government official Mrs. Lundy should be a representative of her entire constituency and not try to impose her own personal morals and what she deems as sport or entertainment to the entire country. We were under the impression that our All-Star Games Tour was scheduled for Australia, not North Korea.
Her recent comment about LFL Football being ‘cheap, degrading perv’ is certainly not representative of our sport or its athletes. If Mrs. Lundy actually took the opportunity to watch an LFL game or meet with its athletes, she would have understood that LFL Football is a real sport played by remarkable women from all walks of life which include doctors, lawyers, mothers, military personnel, etc. It is incredibly insulting to these women for Mrs. Lundy to make these remarks without understanding the sport or its athletes.
The thousands of Aussies who have already bought their tickets to the upcoming tour and the millions that will be watching around the world, obviously disagree with Mrs. Lundy’s observation of the sport and its athletes. Everyone has the choice to either buy a ticket or not.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite Mrs. Lundy to sit next to me in my executive suite during either the Brisbane or Sydney game, and if after watching the sport she still maintains that it’s nothing more than ‘cheap, degrading perv’, we will respect her opinion.”

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