Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CIFL Acquired by Indoor Football Incorporated

The Saginaw Sting is proud to announce the acquisition of the Continental Indoor Football League by Indoor Football Incorporated. Indoor Football Incorporated, solely owned by the members of the Sting's ownership group (Stuart Schweigert, Robert Licht, and James O'Brien), came to terms with former CIFL Owner Jeff Spitaleri earlier this month.
"This is an exciting development for our league and for the future of the CIFL," said Spitaleri, "I look forward to working with the staff and board of directors as the league undergoes this great transformation."
The transformation was set in place immediately concluding the CIFL Championship victory by the Sting back on June 2nd. "We have talked at great lengths with the owners of all the current teams within the CIFL," said Robert Licht - Co-Owner of the Sting and Indoor Football Incorporated. "This move was made for the betterment of the entire league and not just our team. We want each team in the CIFL to be able to embrace the business plan we have developed here in Saginaw and be just as successful."
Success came in multiple ways for the Sting in 2012. After the local ownership group, which includes two local business owners and a former NFL player, acquired the rights to operate the Sting in late 2011 the local community began to take notice of significant changes. The Sting players attended multiple events, including assemblies and read-a-thons at local schools, and helped to raise awareness and proceeds for the Children's Miracle Network, Muscular Dystrophy Association, and several others. A special fundraising effort was set up to support a local critically injured soldier (Travis Mills, from Vassar) that netted the raising of over $13,000. Their undefeated season was capped off in front of a record-setting attendance of 3,851 fans at the CIFL Championship game. The following week the announcement was made that Hemlock High School were the recipients of new varsity football jerseys for showing their support to the Sting during the season.
"We want this league to become the premier indoor football league in the country," said Co-Owner and former NFL player Stuart Schweigert, "That begins with building a league that is full of solid, competitive teams from top to bottom."
"This move will provide the structure and stability needed to make the CIFL a viable entertainment option for both sponsors and fans," said Co-Owner James O'Brien, "Fans want solid organizations and sponsors will look to back teams that have great fan support. Currently underway is an assessment of the current standing of all teams within the CIFL and further expansion to new markets. Details regarding these negotiations are not available at this time; however, the future of the CIFL is bright."
The CIFL will begin its 8th consecutive season in February of 2013.

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