Thursday, March 15, 2012

IFL Commissioner Resigns to Become Team Co-Owner

The Indoor Football League announced today that Commissioner Tommy Benizio has been offered and accepted a position as Co-Owner and President of the IFL's Allen Wranglers near Dallas, Texas.
Benizio was a co-founder of the Texas-based Intense Football League in 2003 which through a merger became the current IFL in 2008. He has served as the first and only commissioner of the Indoor Football League since that time.
His experience runs deep in team ownership and operations at the professional minor-league level in both hockey and indoor/arena football. This, along with his development of the Intense Football League, made him an easy choice for league directors when filling the position of the IFL's first Commissioner four years ago.
Since his appointment as IFL Commissioner, Benizio has overseen all day-to-day activities of the league as well as spearheaded the growth of the IFL in new markets across the country.
"I have been very pleased with this position and always considered it a blessing. What I first took as a flattering gesture by the Wranglers quickly became something that I wanted to consider and ultimately felt I had to accept." stated Benizio, "I see such great potential in Allen and am excited to remain part of the league that I have worked so hard to build over nearly a decade."
Benizio will be joining Jon Frankel and Terrell Owens in ownership of the Allen Wranglers and will also operate the business as well as represent the team in league matters.
"We all hate to see Tommy leave as he has done a great job since our inception but we are pleased that he will remain part of the IFL Family", explained Arney Silvestri, Chairman of the IFL's Board of Directors, "The timing is excellent for the league as the season is underway and operating smoothly, as opposed to at the end of the playoffs when the league is well into planning for expansion, scheduling, and league meetings." The IFL will remain very solid.
With a very capable staff in place the IFL will continue to operate as normal. The IFL Board of Directors will start a search for Benizio's replacement over the coming months.
The league has been off to a record- setting start at the turnstiles and continues to grow stronger each week. The IFL currently boasts 16 active teams with commitments for new members in 2013 already coming in starting with Charlotte, North Carolina. For further information on the Indoor Football League, log onto

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