Monday, March 26, 2012


Lingerie Football League, LLC. officials today have announced the formation of a competition committee with the goal of addressing several topics and issues which are vital to the league’s continued evolution.
The newly-formed committee includes celebrated head coaches, including multi-time Lingerie Bowl Champion David Bizub (Los Angeles Temptation), two-time Eastern Conference Champion Chandler Brown (Philadelphia Passion) and 2011-12 LFL Coach of the Year, Chris Michaelson (Seattle Mist). Current players feature two-time LFL Offensive Player of the Year Marirose Roach (Philadelphia Passion) and two-time LFL Defensive Player of the Year Liz Gorman (Tampa Breeze). Rounding out the group is LFL Chairman Mitchell Mortaza and LFL Director of Officiating Steve Strimling.
LFL Chairman Mitchell Mortaza, who formed the committee, released the following statement, stating, “As the complexity and sophistication of our sport builds both on and off-the-field, my office felt it was time to truely gain a collective sense of how to better our game. The members of our first-ever competition committee are extremely accomplished and well-trusted individuals that understand and love our game while sharing my vision in relation to intelligent growth.”
The group will continually address a variety of topics including scheduling and expansion plans, player and coach conduct policies, rules and regulations as well as equipment and safety elements.

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