Wednesday, March 14, 2012

San Antonio Talons Cut Ticket Prices

The San Antonio Talons are off and running in the Arena Football League after a successful season opener this past Saturday at the Alamodome. Following the Talons 54-48 victory over the Utah Blaze, new team owner, David Lynd, of Lynd Sports, LLC, huddled with his Talons management team on ideas of how to improve the fan experience.
First on the agenda was ticket pricing. Lynd, a San Antonio native, felt there was a need to reduce prices to make attending Talons games more affordable.
"It was obvious to us that one of the first things we needed to do was cut prices," said Lynd, who took over Talons ownership just last week from original team owner, Jason Lohe. "No matter the quality of the product we put on the field, if it's not priced right for the fans, they simply aren't going to buy."
Lynd chopped all ticket prices, including lowering the lowest priced ticket to $10. Other tickets have been cut as much as $20 per ticket, at every price level.
"We wanted to price a Talons game where a family, or group of four, could spend under $100 and receive four tickets, four hot dogs and four drinks. They can now do that."
Lynd recognizes that ticket pricing and team support go hand in hand. "With me being from San Antonio, I did not want pricing to be an issue with fans when deciding to attend a game," he said. "This is San Antonio's team and we wanted all San Antonian's to be able to get behind us. If we want professional football to succeed here, the fans will have to do their part. But it is our obligation to put a good product on the field and make it affordable for all fans. I feel we have now done both."

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