Thursday, December 20, 2012

Missouri Monster’s End Of The Year Review

As the new year approaches and holiday plans are in full force, the Missouri Monsters of the Ultimate Indoor Football League (UIFL) are also gearing up for their inaugural season that begins in March. Training camp is just two months away.
“It’s an exciting time,” said owner Andrew Haines. “The response from the community has been great, and we are all ready to step on the accelerator when the calendar turns to 2013.”
Haines is so committed to the St. Charles/St. Louis market that he sold his interest in both the UIFL and the Florida UIFL team he owned last season to devote his full attention to the Monsters. The season rent for the Family Arena in St. Charles is already more than 40 percent paid.
A dedicated and passionate staff led by Howard Balzer, senior vice president of operations; Jeff Vernetti, director of marketing; Brian Klimaski, assistant director of operations and sales manager Scott Johnson, have been lining up sponsorships and selling season tickets for the seven-game home season that begins March 8.
Johnson continues to develop a sales staff that has deep roots in the community, along with a call center that is making contacts for additional local business support.
The team has donated 1,000 season tickets to those that have served in the military and is working on theme nights for games that will accentuate the commitment to the community.
On the football side, head coach John Parker is finalizing his coaching staff with an eye on experienced local coaches as well as players from the St. Louis area.
Two tryouts have already been held under Parker’s watch with another expected to be scheduled in early January.
It’s always good to know that an indoor football season is just around the corner.
About the Missouri Monsters:
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March 2 (Sat.)          at Sarasota
March 8 (Fri.)           FLORIDA
March 16                  OPEN WEEK
March 25 (Mon.)      at Georgia
April 1 (Mon.)           CENTRAL FLORIDA
April 6 (Sat.)             TBD
April 14 (Sun.)          GEORGIA
April 19 (Fri.)            at Florida
April 27 (Sat.)           SARASOTA
May 3 (Fri.)              MIAMI
May 11 (Sat.)           at Corpus Christi
May 18 (Sat.)           at Lakeland
May 24 (Fri.)            CORPUS CHRISTI

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